Vole Media CHM

Vole Media CHM 3.28.50908

Vole Media CHM is a Microsoft Word, CHM, images and multimedia integrated platform and platform controller.

The easiest and cheapest way to manage your project documents, quality control, process control and meets with ISO 9000.

Vole Media CHM is the easiest and cheapest way for business to manage your project documents, quality control, process control and meet with ISO 9000 requirements.

Vole Media CHM integrates all your project documents into single-file library and lets you preview, review, digital sign, license and publish the library. Vole Media CHM uniquely supports PKCS #12 exclusive and non-exclusive digital signature which can support project team one or more people digital sign. Vole Media CHM fully supports customize process control and node control. Vole Media CHM is practical software that gets back your projects control so that you can reduce unnecessary quality problems and simply Get Things Done. By using Vole Media CHM, your team will be organized, your clients will be impressed, you will be more confident through the ISO 9000 quality examined, and your business will take off.

Main Features:

Powerful Project Documents Manager - Integrate any document to make project documents library and support digital sign, reviewing, licensing and publishing that meets ISO 9000 requirements.

Word Reviewer - The unique way that can review and digital sign to Office Word documents and meet the ISO 9000 requirements.

Amazing presentation - an amazing presentation software that supports Office Word and any website auto scroll presentation.

Events Reminder - lets you Integrate project events, then you will never miss an event no matter trigger once or more complicated trigger logic. You will get a one-time alert or circulate alerts according to the event type and you can even set the trigger ahead of time for each reminder event.

Key Manager - manage all kinds of your registration, help you navigating the website, and even remind you the next renew in Events Reminder.

And more features like: Word to CHM, Cover Design, Background Music, VMC Discovery etc.

Vole Media CHM


Vole Media CHM 3.28.50908

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